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Claim More Money


Launch a brand new service with DRTV and delivering outstanding results

Claim more Money is a unique and new service being offered by Irvings Solicitors based in Liverpool. They were seeking a partner to deliver a successful launch campaign.

Following a four way pitch, Juiced Orange were chosen to handle this campaign based on the strength and insight of our creative strategy and delivery of the recommended campaign, as well as demonstrating our understanding of the sector and the target audience.

The team has extensive experience in creating impactful ideas and delivering powerful campaigns, a key factor in the selection process.

Ian Kyle, managing partner of Irvings commenting on the appointment said:

“We have been most impressed with Dom and his team’s professionalism, willingness to research the subject, and most of all enthusiasm and drive.”  

TV campaign - Granada Region


Although the campaign was focussed on driving response to telephone, it was imperative that we gave our target a udience a choice of response and web-ste allowed them to read a little more before picking up the phone, or sending their details via the site. It was imperative that every touch point of the campaign engaged with our audience and was conistent with the look and feel of the campaign.

design and build of website

The campaign runs from April to June on ITV Granada, and includes ITV VOD, Sky's On Demand TV, as well as Radio, Digital Marketing and PR. As part of the campaign there is a web-site for claimmoremoney.co.uk (above) as well as a landing page for getmoremoney.co.uk

To date the campaign has been a huge success, delivering up to 3-4 times higher results than had originally been projected and our client is currently on a recruitment drive to add to their team and handle the growth in their business.