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Harfield Tableware


Harfield Tableware - The Brief

To create an identity for Harfield Tableware to celebrate the businesses 50th anniversary, that could be used in all their communications.

Design and brand

We were asked to create a new look for Harfield that not only celebrated their 50th anniversary, but also showcased what the business is all about. It is a milestone to be proud of these days that a company formed in 1961 is healthy and growing in 2011, so it was felt that this new identity also had to be campainable and form an integral part of the years marketing activity. It is our belief that a well thought through and considered brief, tied with talented creatives should deliver excellent work and from there, the designs that were presented and then approved did exactly what we all wanted. The creative then appeared on customer mailers, web-site, advertising and exhibition work.

Refresh corporate identity

Following the tactical design work on the 50th year activity, we were then asked to look at the Harfield main logo. When a business reaches it's 50 year milestone and the logo has not really changed in that time, yet there is a commercial need for a refresh, it's not easy for those involved in the business, to make that change. However, from several meetings and conversations with our client, it was clear, from a design persepctive what was required and what was expected from their sector and customers.


New identity

New Harfield identity