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We were asked to create a campaign that Starkey could offer to their Independent network of Audiologists to help them promote their business and services, in turn increasing sales and awareness of Starkey products

Local independent audiologists are specialists and trained in hearing, they are not by definition, Marketers. Starkey, as their partner were keen to offer these 'partners' a well thought through, integrated, multi channel marketing plan targeting their local area and database to encourage them to address their hearing issues and make an appointment. This had a number of benefits to both parties, it empowered Starkeys customers (the independent audiologist) with a marketing campaign to grow their business, it has the potential to increase the sales of Starkey products, but also to strengthen the relationship between the two parties

Starkey campaign

It was important to create a campaign with stand out, but more importantly, a good understanding of our target audience allowing us to resonate with them with our messaging. It was clear from recent research that there is a large amount of people in Britain that suffer from a hearing problem, but are tolerating the problem rather than try to address it. This is for many reasons, varying from apathy, through to vanity, costs or a lack of understanding of their situation and how today's technology can help them.

From further qualitative research gathered from talking to people with a hearing issue, it became very clear just how isolating their condition can be, the effect to their lives on every level, but also how devastating the affects are on their day to day lives, lack of involvement as well as the impact it has on family members around them.
Many people were prepared to accept the deterioration of their hearing over vanity and the stigma attached to having a visible hearing aid.
Through the use of the latest technology, hearing aids have moved on significantly and with a wide range of products and solutions a lot of these problems can be fixed.

The insight gained allowed us to empathise with our audience and understand their situation, the hurdles they had put up to stop them sorting out their condition and so in turn, influence the campaign and its message. We found that individuals were socialising less, particularly in areas like Pubs, restaurants or even family gatherings, not because they wanted to, but it was so difficult to hear, that it became difficult to be involved. Plus, as they had decided to tolerate the problem, over time, it becomes increasingly more isolating and lonely.

brochure design and print

print, design and artwork for brochure

The campaign I'm back addressed this issue by focussing on the outcome and the positive emotions associated with that. You do not have to suffer in silence anymore, there is something you can do about this that will address all the fears that you have.
The campaign also had to work across many channels and be consistent in it's look and feel
Direct Mail was created with a personalised letter, all dual branded. The sales piece was deliberately created with a quality feel, allowing the recipient to read in their own time, but to empathise with their situation, as well as tackle, subtly their concerns
The DM was supported with a micro site and short film, that featured an individual that had been on this recent journey with its main objective to again reinforce to the target audience that this is a common problem to have, that is not only easy to fix, but will have a massive positive impact to their lives and to the lives of their family around them
Press ads were also created to support the campaign from a local level as well as Point of Sale linking the campaign, end to end

Press advertising


Web-site design and build

web design and build